10 Things That Cause Marriage Problems

10 Problems in the marriage that makes it not to last

Marriage is a legal union between a man and a woman, both parties must agree. Since its an agreement why do we have a lot of broken home, why is divorce popular in the world today. So let us see some reasons why some marriage don’t last.

  1. Understanding
  2. Endurance
  3. Lies
  4. Trust
  5. Cheating
  6. Career Men or Women
  7. Third Party
  8. Infertility
  9. One Sided Love
  10. Nagging

Marriage Problems

These are the few reasons why some marriages don’t last, and here are the explanations.

Understanding . This is one of the things that causes Marriage Problems. When there is not adequate understanding between a couple , definitely that marriage will not last. As a man or a woman, you need to understand you partner’s weak point and her want or his wants so that you will know the things that he or she likes and dislikes in order to avoid them for peace to rain the family. You as a woman need to understand when to keep quiet and when to talk or argue in any misunderstand, and you as a man need to understand when to make others as a man and when to over look some certain things so that adequate peace will take its place in the family, only then will you see that there will be no problems in the marriage.

Endurance. Some certain things are not meant to be shouting or finding fault in any little mistakes, some times you need to endure all the short comings of your partner, don’t be too correct in everything, try to act as if you are wrong so that peace will rain. Endurance works in hand with understanding because you can endure when you understand.

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Lies. There is nothing much to say on this because you know that to lie to someone is never good, and if you lie to your partner on any issue, when your partner find out or realize that you lie to him or her, it will hurt your love well and will make him never to trust you or you will lose your partner trust, so never you try to lie to your partner if you want to gain your partner’s trust and love.

Trust. In marriage that lacks trust , there is always misunderstanding, from one problem to another because nobody have trust for another, and trust can strengthen the love in that family. When there is full trust from both partner, I bet you no third party will come and separate you. And a maximum happiness will rain.

Cheating. We all know that is never good to cheat on your partner and is better you avoid cheating because is the number one thing that will destroy and damage your relationship easily, remember if you start cheating in your marriage it will be affecting your partner and when other partner is affected it will definitely affect your children, so for your children’s happiness and togetherness of your family, avoid cheating.

Marriage Problems

Career Men Or Women. This is one of the marriage problems some people face in their marriage. To have dream, aim and goal you want to achieve is good but don’t let it destroy your marriage. Make out time each day to call and spend good time with your partner, don’t always think of that your work or business, make out time now that you live to have fun and play with your partner. You may lose your partner to someone else due to that your work or business that you always give time, there is time for everything even the bible said it too.

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Third Party. As a husband or as a wife never allow your parents, friends and well wishers to come into your relationship because everybody’s mind will never be the same, your parents is already married and they lived there life the way they choose that suit them, your friends have their own family too even that your well wishers , they are not truly your well wishers because you don’t know their mind. To avoid problems in marriage try to avoid this, So be very careful.

Infertility. This is one of the major problems that we are facing today in some marriages but is never good for you to allow this to bring issues or cause problem in your family. So please if you love your partner stand strong with your partner and never allow anything to divide that your love . she is not God provided that you have check and nothing is wrong with both of you.

One sided love. Before marriage , make sure to marry a person that truly love you and someone you love as well, not someone you love but didn’t love you as well. Even when you finally marry and find out that the love is only from one side maybe you alone love your husband instead of loving you back, always try to act something new to return the love, and you as a man never allow your love for your wife to die . find a reason to maintain and retain that love for a long lasting marriage.

Marriage Problems

Nagging. Nagging is never the only way to show that you are angry, its also not the only way to correct mistakes. In marriage always avoid nagging because it always scare your partner away and he or she will look for happiness outside your home which you know will kill your home that you work so hard to build.

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With these few reasons , I believe that you can see why some marriage problems. I pray that you will read and understand. Amen.

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