5 signs she likes you to date her

These are signs that she love you

I know you have been wondering or trying to know if that girl love you, or you want to know or be sure about that particular girl you love. Do you really want to know the signs she likes you the way you do. well just cool down, i will explain things well to you in a way that you will understand it well. There is one thing i want you to know about girls. they find it hard to control or hide their feelings for a man and due to that there are few ways for you to know she love you. now let us check out this ways.

  1. Show up where you are

This is part of signs she likes you to date her, because any girl that love you will always love to show his face or will always appear where you can see her. she will do everything possible to make sure you notice her even when you don’t care or notice her.

2. Argue on irrelevant things

She will always love to pick up an argument with you on issues that are irrelevant just to see he talk to you. At times you see a girl who argue things that don’t have meaning or argue with you on things that are indirectly annoying and you think she is too troublesome. well don’t take her in such way because she love you and since there is nothing or a way to talk to you she argue on things that are irrelevant, just to talk to you, and doing so makes her happy.

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signs she likes you

3. Her eyes will tell

Girls don’t hide there feelings that is why, there is always signs she likes you to date her. one of the signs she love you is in her eyes. so what i mean is that any girl who love you will always look at you or eye you. So if you see a girl who love you, it will all be written in her face by the way she looks and act now.

4. Laugh at any word you say

any woman that laugh and smile at any little thing you said. weather it is funny or not she must laugh on it then know that she love you, only love can bring out the smile in any girl face on word that are not funny. so whenever you notice a girl doing so use it and know she likes you to date her.

5. You will be her talk when she is with her friends

Any girl that love you will be proud of you and talk about you all the time with her friends. she will be very proud of you and talk about you everywhere she go. it signs she love you

Other signs she likes you

  1. she will always love to take pictures together with you.
  2. she will always be sincere with you, and will always find it hard to lie to you
  3. She won’t be demanding, because she love you, there nothing she will love to request from you.
  4. she will always take everything you said serious, so be careful with the word and promise you make to her. it may be a joke to you but to her it is serious.
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