6 Things that destroy good relationship

These Are The 6 Things that destroy good relationship So Be Wise

A good relationship is worth been into and is very good for you to be in such relationship with someone, because you and your partner will always be happy to have each other, and due to that there are things you need to know for you not to destroy such relationship. If you are now in a good relationship with someone or you want to be in it or build it with someone, there are things you need to know or do for the relationship to last long between you too. So try to take note of this below and understand them well for it will help you to build a good relationship with your partner.

  1. Over looking

If you want to build a good relationship with your partner or someone then try to learn to over look some things about your partner and some things about his or her character, because doing so will save you from having a lot of issues with your partner.

  1. Understanding

In all we do in this life, understanding is very important, because if you can understand your partner and try to first cool down and give it a thought or try to understand that any actions that someone do in this life there must be a reason for the person to do that. Weather is a good or bad action just try to know the reason or understand your partner reasons first before you judge.

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  1. Lack of trust

Try to have or build trust on your partner, because without you having trust, you too can easily destroy the good relationship you have build or the one you are trying to build. So learn to trust your partner because if you trust him/her you will avoid monitoring your partner always which may also cause problem between you too and you will not fall for those people who will like to destroy your relationship. So please in all you do with your partner just know that trust is important.

  1. Third party advice
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In all you do learn to avoid third party advice that can cause problem to your relationship. I don’t say is not good to listen or seek for friends and family advice but all am saying is that you need to only take advice that can add value to your relationship, because not all advice that people give you will help you. So only be a good listener and take to heart only that advice that can help you to maintain a good relationship with your partner. Remember if you two should be listening and be doing according to all the advice given to you by people, then you won’t have choice neither will you have a goal or aim to achieve something good.

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  1. Tolerate

If you can learn to tolerate the actions of your partner, then know tat you can build a good and lasting relationship with your partner. Just know that in any relationship you are in this world, you must learn to tolerate your partner’s actions at all time. Bear in mind that you both are from different places and families and of which with different mentality too. So learn how to tolerate your partner.

  1. Understanding your partner weak point

If you want to build a good and lasting relationship with someone, just try to first understand your partner weak point and don’t try to use it against your partner, instead if you understand your partner weak point, you then try to tolerate it and also try to cover that area of your partner weak point. If you learn and do this then know that you will build a very good relationship with your partner!

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