Girls don’t be deceive by the way he treat you

So he treat you like a queen and you think he love you

Some men will meet a woman or lady and buy for her many things even take the girl to eat and drink in big bars, restaurant and hotels,in fact treat you like a queen and you think that the man have fallen in deep in love with you, or you think that the guy is very mad in love with you and you also think that the guy is ready to die for you. Some girls will even think that they are only person in the heart of the guy or that they are number one person in the heart of the guy.

My dear the truth is this, stop deceiving yourself that he love you, that he take you to shopping, bars or hotel don’t mean he love you. Some men do that because they have plans in your life, and by plans I don’t mean marriage oo or good plans. So understand me well, for you not to get heart broken because the way he treat you don't mean you are the number one in his heart, but by the way if he take you to bars to drink and you think is love, well let me remember something for you, go to bible, you will see that in the book of proverbs, it is written this way “give a fool a drink for him to drink and forget himself”. I don’t say you are a fool ooooo, am just quoting or repeating what bible said. So please don’t get me wrong, but men are very clever, bible said him in the written and theory form but now men start doing it in a practical way, which now change the way bible write it to this way, “ give a lady money and take her to bar, shopping and hotel, for her to drink, eat and be happy and forget herself for you to sex her the way you want”

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This is why men buy you gift and give you money or treat you like a queen , for you to forget yourself and they will take the advantage of that to …………….., I will stop here please for you not to cry instead of laughing, and if the post hurt you am sorry ooo, I don’t want to see tears but teeth!!!

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