Great Thing Mr President Taught Us Or Done for Us


Great Thing Mr President Taught Us Or Done for Us

To be sincere with you, I have learn a lot from Mr. President and the things I have learn from Mr president and the things that he has taught us are very big which I will explain here.

  1. President I thank you for teaching me that weather am old to rule or to be a leader, that I should always never quit because leadership is for the old and not for the young. Which means the we the youth are the future of next tomorrow and not tomorrow like it is said.
  2. I learn that all the youths are lazy. Because they go to school and due to lack of employment, from you that don’t finish primary talk more of secondary. They became lazy.
  3. I learn that if I become president, I will look for someone that have “LIE” in his name or that lie too much and make him minister of information so that he will be behaving like his name.
  4. I also learn that I will fight corruption by making things very costly and blaming the opposite party for that. Eg. Bag of pure water 60naira to 150naira and all other things.
  5. I also learn to probe people that steal money from the country and put the money in my account without using them for any work.
  6. I also learn that I will make myself minister of petroleum, if I become the president so that I will be eating money from the country main source of income.
  7. I also learn to probe anybody that change party.
  8. I also learn to leave the work of the president and start to be looking for people that name their dog my name.
  9. I also learn to put all the country money in one account, which only me can access.
  10. I also learn to leave the country and travel when the country have issues.
  11. I also learn to be a good traveler whenever I become president.
  12. I also learn that if am sick and old I will still contest for election.
  13. I also learn to turn the IPAD upside down and use it that way.
  14. I also learn to barn media from saying anything that BOKO HARAM do to the country.
  15. Mr. president teach us that if you talk against him he will arrest you, because we are no more in democracy we are now seeing the demo of autocracy government by Mr President.
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Please i hope is true talk not hate speech, so tell me in comment box


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