How to Attract Boys to Love You

How to Attract Boys how to make a guy like, how to get a guy to like you

how to get a guy to like you

Attraction is said to be a way to make someone to have an interest, Feelings and other things that will capture the person attention and focus on you. So I believe that the reason why you are here is to learn and know things that attract men to a woman or How to attract men. So relax you are in the right place and I will cool down and explain to you, things you will do to make him come closer to you and like you. So without wasting much of your time let me go straight to the point or the topic that we are here to discuss.

how to make a guy like you or How to Attract Boys

Well this topic is simple and understanding but I will like you to have something in mind about boys before we go straight to talk on other things. Remember that it is said that men are been attracted by what they see. Now by this quote, I don’t mean you should look naked just to make them see you but all it simply means is that the actions you do as a woman or lady is what will attract a man to you. I know that your next question or things that may be going in your mind is what are the things I need to do to attract boys. Well let look at the things below.

How to Attract Boys how to make a guy like, how to get a guy to like you

  1. Your dressing

The dresses you wear as a woman determine the kind of men you want close to you. Well I don’t know the kind of man you need in your life but I advise you to dress decent and smart. Don’t go and dress like a prostitute because dresses that may not attract a good man but only a play boy, who will only want to sleep with you or sex you, unless you are a lucky person to meet good guy. But if you dress simple and smart but that don’t mean to dress like church or daughter of the church, just dress simple and smart, you will attract men.

  1. Your Character
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The way you behave is also one of the things that attract a man. There is one thing I want you to understand as a woman. There is no man that doesn’t look at a girl character. You may be beautiful but if you have a bad character then know it will be hard to associate with you because no man will like to have a girl that will chase his friend out or the kind of girl that will make his guys to always find it hard to visit him anytime his girlfriend is around so bear that in mind and watch your character.

  1. Your Manner of Approach

Another thing you need to take note if you want to know how to attract boys, because the way you approach a guy matters a lot. If you are the kind of girl that lack good manners, when you want to talk to a guy, then know that it will be hard for a man to find interest in you. So make sure you have a good manner each time you want to approach or meet a guy.

  1. The way you Talk to Men

Apart from the manner you use to approach to a guy, it is also necessary for you to mind the way you talk to a guy to avoid you chasing him a way with the way you talk to him. Some girls made a mistake of talking to a guy anyhow which is not good. There is something I want you to understand as a woman or lady; it is expected from you to talk to a man in a low tune no matter what, especially the guy you just meet for the first time, so please try to mind how you talk to him.

  1. Neatness
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It is good for you as a girl to look very neat if you want to attract men to you. If you are not neat or you are the type of girl that is dirty and you are asking how to attract men then forget it because been a dirty girl can’t attract a guy to you, because no guy will like to date a girl that is dirty.

  1. The way you Walk

The way you walk as girl matters a lot, because is part of how to attract men. So if you really need to have men come close to you, then know that you need to change your steps or the way you walk, unless your step is good but if you don’t know how to work then know that you need to do something about it.

  1. Friendly

If you as a girl need a man beside you and you are not the type that is friendly or let say that you are the type of person that finds it hard to relate or to talk to a guy then forget it because is only when you do so will you get men near you easily

How to Attract Boys how to make a guy like, how to get a guy to like you

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