How to be a good wife in your home

How to be a good wife to your husband and your family

Being a wife is important but being a good partner is difficult because is a team work it has to be between both parties.

Here are points on how to be a good wife in your home

good wife

  1. Be respectful to your husband: as a wife you have to respect your husband, respect his orders, make him exercise his authority as the man of the house, let him not feel that his orders are not welcome in his house.
  2. Love your home: as a wife you have to love your home as you love yourself, let the happiness of your home be your priority. Cherish your home especially your husband, make him understand that he is the only man you love no matter what, he will always cherish you
  3. Be contented: as a wife you have to cherish what you have, be happy on the things that your husband can afford, don’t be a greedy, too proud. Always be happy with you can afford with your husband.
  4. Be a good listener: as a wife , know that you are the only companion your husband get so give him the that attention and listen to whatever he got to say no matter what it is, don’t act as if his words are irrelevant, make him understand that you are always there to hear him out
  5. Encourage and motivate him: as a wife you need to understand that every man needs to be motivated and encouraged in whatever they are doing in life. So as a wife you hold the responsibility of encouraging your man as well as motivating him his work provided that he is fighting for the happiness of the family
  6. Be truthful: every husband like a truthful wife, so always tell your husband the truth because he is the only one who can support you. if you are truthful you will definitely win his trust and he always defend you at all level.
  7. Be his back bone: in life today husband like wives who are able to hustle and support their husband financially, not those that will stay at home and wait for manner to fall from heaven, so go out there follow your fellow human and fight for the survival of your home, come back home with something in order to support your husband, bet me your husband will be surprised at the same time cherish you more
  8. Look cute and charming: some wives thinks that the only time to look sexy is when you are single, No. as soon as you are married the peak of your sexy begins, dress cute, dress to kill especially when you are going out with your husband and also when you are at home. Some women have made it that they always tie wrapper whenever they are at home, No. dress sexy so that your husband can hardly remove his eyes off you,
  9. Improve your romance level: make sure that your marriage do not lack romance, always find a new style of romancing your husband, find a day off to go out with him on a picnic or a quiet place where both of you can be alone, then give him some romance and don’t be too shy on your husband, always express your feelings towards him
  10. Praise him: as a wife you have to praise your husband even when he is not perfect on that try to praise him, it will surely motivate him to do more, I have seen a case where a husband is maltreating his wife but the wife didn’t say bad about him outside instead he talk good of him with tears and people asked her , she said it’s a tears of joy, so one day a friend of his husband hears her and sees what she is saying , he immediately told the husband and starting from that day then husband automatically change for the better
  11. Don’t expect anything from him: some wife use to expect that their husband will buy this and that to her or you as a wife will always expect and compare your husband with another person’s husband not minding the capability of your husband. And when those things you expected from him does not work out you will start to hate him for nothing. So its better not to expect anything from him, instead let everything he gives you be a surprise
  12. Communicate and be his best friend: your husband is your best friend you will ever have because anything you two plan will be like that and any communication you shared will always remain unlike the one you have with your friends out there. So learn how to build a good communication skills with your husband and make him your best friend, so this is how to be a good wife tin your home
  13. Love him for whom he is: love your husband and only your husband for whom he is, never you compare him with anybody not even you’re ex lover. With that love you will know when he is happy or not or the things that make him happy or sad. So this is how to be a good partner in your home
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good wife

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