How to make a girl love you

How to make a girl loves you

Hello all welcome abroad, for today I want to tell you, how to make a girl to love you, and I will explain it all well in a way that you will understand me well and make sure you follow all the steps listed below.


Identify the girl

I believe or hope that you know the girl you want to make her love you. If you don’t know the girl the go out and look for the one you want to make her love you. Once you have know the girl then go to the next step.


Try to talk to the girl

Try any means as possible to talk to the girl on anything. Try to stop her or beg her to stop and then you start talking to her on anything you want. Then after doing this go to the next step


Ask her of her problems

Try to ask her of her problems and things, she wished that someone could do for her. Force her to tell you if she is shy of telling you her mind, make her understand that you are serious and really want to know her problems. If she now tells you her problems, then go to the next step.


Money time

Now go and borrow money and make sure you borrow a big money that she will use to solve that problem and even have balance. Once you have borrow the money, then go to the next step.

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Go to her

Now you are sure you have the money the next thing to do is to go to her, and give her all the money you have borrow. Let her use it and solve her problem and have balance to keep incase if there is another thing she need. Once you have done that go to the next step.


Go home

Now that you have done all these said above, just go home and be happy!! For you have found your true love because she will forever love you with all her heart.


Sorry ooh is a joke ooh. Ladies I hope I make sense

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