how to show love instead of saying i love you

how to show love instead of saying i love you

Let say that there is someone that your heart beat for but you just don’t know how to prove that or show the person that you love him/her. well there is no problem to that all you need to do is to look for alternative way to do that, and the alternative ways to do that is what i will show you below all you need to do is to read the things i listed below and practice most of them because only by doing so will you also show love to the one you care about. so without wasting much of your time let us talk on the ways to show this love.

This are ways on how to show love instead of saying i love you

  1. Appreciation of Beauty

The truth about this is that we only appreciate the beauty of the person we love, unless we don’t love that person. For us to show love and concern to someone we must appreciate the beauty of the person. If you fail to do so or express your love for the person that means that the opposite may happen which is jealousy, envy and calumny, and all these are caused by unexpressed love. See let me tell you the truth about life and love. If you see something in this life and love the thing, weather is a human being or not learns to appreciate the beauty that attracts you to it. So that same way if you meet a beautiful lady that her beauty attract you , my guy just tell her that she is beautiful, from there you will have morale to toast her or friend her. If you are girl and you saw a handsome try to tell him that he is handsome, it may be open door for you ooh don’t be shy for nobody will kill you for appreciating beauty.

  1. Gift
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with giving gift to someone we can also use that to express love we have for the person, so learn or try to give gift to the person you love because This is also a way for you to express love to someone, because by giving them gift, you can use it to win or draw their attention. You can also free your mind from distractions with gifts. Sometimes you may see yourself giving something to someone with the person asking for it or you be force to do so. The truth about giving gift is that, it is use to draw the person attention or let say you use gift to attract the person to you either for friendship or for marriage. So by using gift we also express our love to the person we care about.

  1. Sharing of Feelings and Ideas

Sharing feelings and ideas is also a way we can show love. Sometimes you see people who are in love always chat and communicate to each other. The reason why communication is very important in relationship is because on through communication, you two can share your love and Idea. So that same way try to make out time to communicate with the person you love or need because by doing so you will share your ideas and by doing so you are feeling love and concern. So this is best way on how to show love instead of saying i love you without proving it to the person.

  1. Acknowledge of Good things Done by Someone or Something Someone Has
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In this I mean learn to appreciate what the person is doing. Let say if the person is singing or the person or doing anything just try to show appreciation to it. If you love someone then know that you will appreciate the entire thing the person does. Not just what they do you must also do so in what the person has, like the cloth the person wears may attract you to the person, and many other things just learn to show appreciation on all these for you to draw the attention of the person. so acknowledge the good things about that one person you care about because is also part of things you need to do to prove that you care and love the person

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