Is Her waist Important than your Business

Is Her waist Important than your Business

Is Her waist Important than your Business

I pity some men because they don’t know what they are doing. So for your mind now, you think you are a big boy by using all your business money to go to club because you want to sleep with a girl, you will carry all your money to club. May you receive sense in the name of God. For you don’t know what you are doing.

You will see a guy that will carry all his money and go to club and after the club instead of him to manage and go with his last card/money, he will carry it and go to a hotel and pay for a room. Just to make sure he sleep or sex with the girl, and after sleeping with her and spending all the money there, he will come back and rush to his neighbor begging for gas cooker to cook just one noodles. My brother may God have mercy on you. Some may even come back and started disturbing and begging their neighbors for one or two spoons of rice.

Some of them that their sense remains small will come back and started talking to their self “I have made a mistake oh, I would have remain small money” while others who have lost all their sense will be saying “that girl is very sweet oh, let me check if my neighbor have food, let me beg him to give me, and if this man can pay me tomorrow, let me know if I will ask the other babe to come”

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You will be answering big and rich guy in front of babe, but you are leaving in one room, I pity you oh for you have decided to make poverty your permanent friend.


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