Kill Cow for a Woman but Can’t Borrow Man Money

Kill Cow for a Woman but Can’t Borrow Man Money

If you can do anything for a woman but can’t borrow your fellow man money what do gain. Nawa oh for some men how an your fellow man come to you for money and you say that you don’t have any money, in fact your last card or money is what you just spent, but immediately a girl come and shake waist for you all those money will appear from ground and you will spending money as if you are Bill Gate and Aliko Dangote.

You will visit your guy to his house and ask him, if he food in the house that you are hungry and he will said yes but is soup that i cooked two days ago, but if woman come to his house, he will quickly cook fresh and new meal for her. It is not good oh, remember that when you will be in problem that her waist will not save you and by then you will be looking for your fellow man, thunder wey go fire just dey do press up for one side.

This kind of problem is why I allow my friend to sleep at the park. We were going back from school to my house, and I asked him if he have money he said no and hunger is dealing with both of us, but one babe just come near him from the car window and beg him to complete money for her, immediately my guy put hand inside his pocket and complete the transport fare I just keep calm as if nothing happen.

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Now we have reached the park and about to go to my house and I leave him there for him to go with the girl, since he gave her the money we should have use to eat.

Please am I a wicked friend.

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