My Problem with Marriage Certificate

the Problem i have with Marriage Certificate

This marriage certificate is a very big problem to me oo and I don’t know how to tell the world court about it. I thought that certificate are given after you finish school or a particular training, but why is it that marriage own is different, if you decide today that you want to marry. I mean just deciding oo and not starting the school or training, they will start to prepare your certificate and once you just do wedding and want to start your marriage life, they will give you the certificate immediately without waiting for you to test it first or check it for some time before you will ask for certificate.

I think is better to allow someone to be in marriage first before giving the certificate. If someone should test it first and make sure that the person is not the type that is interested in sharing your money or property by looking for a problem that will cause divorce, so is better to test first than giving someone certificate, because if you want to buy something in market you will test it and see if is what you need, so marriage should be like that than giving someone certificate like that without expiring date, which is is one of the biggest problem I have with marriage certificate.

Marriage Certificate

Once you have enter, there is no going back, to go back is to divorce, and to divorce is to share things oo. So you see there no going back and if you think or decide to mange divorce and go and marry another person. You will be giving another marriage certificate and you may think you are safe. If you mistakenly try to divorce that one too you will share some wealth again with the person and the more you do so with people one day you will get yourself in village clearing the bush with someone.

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So you see my problem with this marriage certificate and due to that, I have decide to cool down and relax well and look for the right person for me not to divorce because am very sting and jealous. I hate sharing something with someone and by something I mean money because I love money and property more than you reading this post now but I will like to share my marriage certificate with someone and not my money and property, due to that am on my way now to the house of my fiancé to do traditional marriage which have no certificate and after that am going to church for wedding because church certificate don’t have much rules thank love your partner always in sickness and in health, and I don’t want to tell my fiancée that the reason why I love going to church since I decide to marry her, is not that I have repented but just that I won’t like to share my money with her if something goes wrong in future, but am not planning to divorce her oo, but just in case if there is any problem in future, because is only church that will give certificate without dividing of property rule.

So tell me am I not a reasonable man by thinking this way and thinking ahead for future? Am I not a real business man? And remember am not the one that type this oo, but the keyboard typed it, and my website automatically display it, so am just reading it just the way you are reading it now.

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Marriage Certificate

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