Relationship advice for men to be careful

Relationship advice for men to be careful

There is something most men don’t understand well or that they don’t know or care about when dating a girl and that is why I decide to discuss this topic “Relationship advice for men” for you to be careful when you want to make a decision about a girl to marry or a girl to be in serious relationship with. Listen to these words and be very careful when you want to be in relationship with any woman, for what you see or the way she looks may not be the real person about her or the real characters in her.

Don’t try to be in relationship with recommendation, especially the one with a girl you have never meet but seen only her pictures, don’t agree to love or marry her by such recommendation, because the way she look in picture may be the fake look or may not be her true beauty and you may end up been disappointed, don’t marry her because of her make ups for all these will be wash away and she may not be beautiful again, don’t marry her because her because she go to church for most women now use that way to cover all the sins and evil, they have committed and also use that way to hide their real character.

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There is a man who I know that marry a girl because she goes to church always and he also meet the guy in the church, during their time of dating, the lady never allow him to sex or sleep with her. The man think he has found a virgin and a real good wife and mother for her children, quickly he decide t marry her. After their marriage ceremony, on the night of their honey moon with her beautiful, charming and religious woman, the guy quickly take a cool and sweet bath for him to enjoy his brand new product only to find out that his wife breast has sag fully as those grandmother own in the village.

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Immediately the guy see this, his soldier that was standing at tension, quickly stand down and the guy due to that decided to quit and divorce the woman he just marry because what he expect is not what he see again. This is why is good to test a girl first ooo before you marry her, forget about that saying that she is a church girl or that she lives in church, there is a different between tested product and un-tested product, if you think am lying go and ask the sellers and you will hear what they will say.

So for you to avoid falling in such victim, I advice for men, if you want to marry a girl because of her character, and remember is better to marry the girl you meet in a night club, that you are sure of her character than to marry that girl who claims to own a church in other to hide her true character. Although there are girls who realize there mistake and decide to change, such girls are good to marry if you accept, understand and decide to endure her character.

So by this I mean don’t just marry because of her beauty or the way she looks but marry or be in relationship with a girl because of her character, for in her character lies the true beauty of a woman. A good girl will make you happy and give you peace of mind and above all will make you live more longer in life with love and happiness. so i hope this my advice for men, will help you as a man to look well before you marry.

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