The simplest way to get a church girl

This is the best way to get that church girl

I know most men must like to read this one, because most of you have been looking and eyeing one church girl like that, either to sleep with her or sex her or may be to have a serious relationship with her. Whatever is your reason, that is not why I write this topic ooo, I write it for you to marry her when you get her, just like the rules of her church and bible said,so no matter your intention, I don’t want to know, what I know is this that is all a joke.

Well if you have been dreaming to get a church girl, just try to be cool and if you are a big or rich guy and you know that your house is bigger than her church then know that you have win. The only thing to do is just to take her to your house and if you can also try to take her to those big places that her church and money deprive her from going, then know that you have win her heart, because after taking her to your place or to those big places, is either she dream about you or she dream about your house or those places that she go with you. Trust me she must call you to tell you that she will come again or for you to take her to those places again, especially of the girl is a village girl.

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church girl

But my brother if you are a poor guy like us, who are notrich, then know that you need to be prepared to be the next assistant pastor orbrother in her church because you must follow her to her church, and become a repented child of God for the main time, because a church girl only love to associate with a church brother. That is what is called brother and sister in the lord.

This type of issue is what makes my friend relocate from where he is leaving, because he went to church for the sake of a church girl he want to get as a friend, but another brother in the lord marry the girl after my friend have attended the church for up to one month and become a serious member of the church and when he stop the church, the pastor visit him to know why he stop coming to church. My friend id now on his way to another town, so what are you going to say to him about that, comment below let us hear you!!

church girl


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