Why Do men give only drinks

Why Do men give only drinks

Am not happy with the way men do or treat their follow men. Sometimes I wonder if the thing is from creation of man, you will see a man that will give all to a woman and even buy car for the woman and help the woman get a job but each time he see his follow man, he only buy drinks without meet for him. Of which he is indirectly calling the man a fool because bible say give a fool a drink for him to drink and forget himself. Please is that why you guys do so, because am confuse oh.

A man will go to his follow man and beg him for money and he will said I don’t have money but let us go to a bar to drink one or two bottles of drinks. Why not give him that drink money. You will also see a rich guy that will come in the midst of poor men, instead of him to give them money at hand, he will call the bar man, “bar man please bring 20 cartons of bear for my men here to drink” not just the drink is my problem but my problem is that, he will order a drink without meet, and he won’t ask you if you have eaten oh. Na thunder will fire you and that thunder is still doing press up.

So men are only good in drinking why women are the only people good to be in jeep and least cars. Okay oh, no problem but from today all those men that only buy drinks to their follow men never you try to come near my ways oh, for I only welcome contract and money givers.

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